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Vaccination Testing Compliance

Enterprise Vaccine Management & Tracking

VaxSAFE by HSI simplifies COVID-19 workplace vaccine management and tracking and helps you meet federal OSHA standards, all under one centralized cloud-based platform making return to work effortless.

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COVID-19 Test Tracking

Powerful reporting, tracking and real-time alerts for ultimate visibility

Smart automated workflows - assign, remind, approve, deny, alert or notify

Record Vaccination Status & Other Certifications

Meet regulatory mandates

Secure uploads, protected records & restricted access controls

Proof of Vaccination document management

Cloud-based, compatible with any device

Effortless Compliance, Adaptive Safety

On the go test submissions

Your staff can easily submit testing status updates on the go with secure self-service functionality from any device. Keep track of overdue requests, testing progress and results with live alerts to keep your workplace protected round the clock.

Live vaccination status

VaxSAFE makes it simple for both staff and employers to keep track of vaccination status with powerful self-service submissions of verified evidence to future booster shot compliance. Smarter resource planning and risk management at your fingertips.

VaxSafe in Action

VaxSAFE for...


Access VaxSAFE from anywhere on any device.


Seamless workflows to update your vaccination and COVID-19 test status and record proof of vaccination documentation with digital signature capability.


From encrypted uploads to secure management of individual health records for maximum privacy.


Easily assign, approve, and trigger tasks, automate workflows and receive intelligent alerts and notifications.


Powerful reporting capabilities help monitor, identify and track workforce testing and vaccination status.


Manage proof of vaccination records, COVID-19 testing status & up-to-date vaccination data.


Designed to meet testing and vaccination requirements and federal OSHA guidelines.


Comprehensive privacy compliance of sensitive health records with secure data collection and stringent rights access management.


Comprehensive privacy compliance of sensitive health records with secure data collection and stringent rights access management.

Safety First

VaxSAFE helps businesses boost workplace health & safety processes to protect staff and make return-to-work a success.

  • Productivity
  • Privacy
  • Adherence

Simplified Workflows

VaxSAFE simplifies managing complex workplace environments with offices and staff geographically dispersed.

  • Cloud-based
  • Automation
  • Reporting

Compliance Your Way

VaxSAFE will help you meet OSHA’s workplace regulatory and compliance obligations, and is designed around your unique workplace environment.

  • Configurable
  • Compliant
  • Secure

Trusted by the Safest Workplaces

Return to Work, Fearlessly





Cloud-based platform with multi-device compatibility.

Testing Management

Comprehensive Covid 19 testing to manage infection control. Manage staff testing mandates, assess results, and manage documents.

Vaccination Management

Comprehensive employee vaccination management & record keeping. Monitor vaccination rates, booster shots, bulk request vaccination submissions or health checks, and track proof of vaccination and booster status.


End-to-end paperless processes with eSignature capability built in, improving employee productivity and privacy.

Digital Workflows

Effortless action workflows work seamlessly online.

Secure Employee Record

Secure environment to upload sensitive proof of vaccine documentation, certifications, and test results compliantly.

Risk & Compliance

Maintain compliance around current regulatory requirements for meeting safe work obligations at the state and federal levels.


Multi-level role-based access rights and reporting visibility to ensure employee privacy and confidentiality.


Multiple automated workflows from task management reminders, testing management, approvals, denials, etc.

Alerts & Notifications

Notify via email, link, QR code, or SMS with real-time alerts and notifications for both employees and employers.


Reporting on status, results, tracking, and more.


Secure storage of proof/evidence documentation.


Manage multi-site workplace environments.

Extended Workforce Support

Support for managing employees, contractors, and extended workforce from a single centralized platform.

PPE Management

PPE inventory management across multi-site offices.

Optional Add-on

Visitor Tracking

Allow visitors to conveniently report health symptoms and vaccination status via a link or QR code.

Optional Add-on

e-Learning Course

E-learning course to educate your staff on COVID-19 awareness. How to be safe and vigilant of the disease.

Optional Add-on

Pandemic Solution

Access to the HSI suite of Return To Work Plans

Optional Add-on
Faster, Smarter, Safer

Keep your most valued assets protected

  • Effortlessly track your entire organizational vaccination and testing status under one integrated platform
  • Empower administrators to proactively prevent risk and non-compliance without impacting productivity
  • Customize the workflows, automation, and controls to work alongside your organization’s systems
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From Hindsight to Foresights

Make smarter future decisions

  • Smart customizable reports and dashboards give permission-based visibility into the entire organization’s vaccination and test status
  • Identify and act on workforce vaccination and test outcomes with real-time alerts and notifications
  • Gather intelligent insights to forecast resource disruptions, staff availability, and scheduling at any point in time
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World-class safety built-in

Works great alone or together

  • VaxSAFE is built to work as a standalone solution to simplify workplace vaccination tracking and COVID-19 testing requirements
  • VaxSAFE can also be seamlessly integrated into the wider EHS or workplace safety software solution HSI offers
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Designed to Evolve

Future-ready safety standards

  • Our flexible systems can easily adapt to the changing regulations as they evolve and cater to US vs NA legislation and policy.
  • VaxSAFE will be capable of maintaining compliance with the latest health orders while helping organizations meet safe work obligations.
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About HSI

The #1 all-in-one EHS platform - choose from 30+ apps to create a solution for your organization, including COVID-19 management solutions! HSI is Environmental Health, Safety, and Quality software that connects your management system from the field to the office. The HSI SMS makes it fast and easy to access, enter, and report data in real-time. A modern and fresh online platform, it works on any device. As a single-source partner for EHS, Compliance, and Professional Development, HSI also provides integrated e-learning content, return-to-work solutions, and additional training solutions designed to enable your business to improve safety, operations, and employee development.

Frequently asked questions

VaxSAFE simplifies COVID-19 workplace vaccine and testing management/tracking all under one centralized cloud-based platform. It allows workers to easily access the platform on any device and enter their COVID-19 vaccination status, documents, and test results. It provides organizations a complete understanding of COVID vaccinations and tracking, making compliance, and forward planning easy. It works great in isolation but is optimized when used alongside the HSI HSEQ modules.

The VaxSafe module, like the HSI platform, is completely configurable. It can be modified to suit your individual business needs.

VaxSafe has temporary storage of proof/evidence documentation protected by role-based permissions with automated secure purging of sensitive documents upon approval/assessment.

We use SSL on our system to ensure all traffic and data is encrypted. We also use server hardening, port blocking, and a physical firewall, and have installed an intrusion direction system to protect our platform and data.

For current clients already using the HSI platform, implementation and deployment VaxSAFE will take two to four weeks. For new customers, this process can take a bit longer based on customization requirements.

There are a few moving parts when it comes to the pricing, including how many users/contractors you need, what modules you’re interested in, if you need help with integrations, and if you require custom work outside typical implementation. To get indicative pricing you can put your details into this quote form, and the team will give you a quick call.

VaxSafe can support workforces of all sizes, including enterprise companies. VaxSAFE has already been implemented with a number of enterprise clients with organizations as large as 70,000 employees.

Yes, VaxSAFE has been designed to assist businesses minimize and manage the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace. It also allows your business to comply with federal OSHA standards around testing, tracking and vaccination.

Absolutely, the VaxSAFE module can be used in isolation, but can also be connected with your current HSI platform.

OSHA's proposed Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), 1910.501 standard specifies that the employer must

  • maintain record of each employee's vaccination status and must preserve acceptable proof of vaccination for each employee who is fully or partially vaccinated.
  • also maintain a roster of each employee's vaccination status and
  • maintain records of individual COVID-19 tests.

The vaccination records, testing records and the roster(s) are considered employee medical records and must be maintained in accordance with 1910.1020 (OSHA's Employee Exposure and Medical Records standard). The ETS specifically calls-out compliance with 1910.1020. This is common with OSHA standards wherein compliance with one standard leads to compliance with another standard as is the case here.

OSHA's 1910.1020 standard specifies that an employer must maintain and preserve accurate medical and exposure records for employee exposure to toxic substances and harmful physical agents, which may include: Biological agents such as viruses, bacteria and fungi; physical stresses such as noise, heat, cold, vibration, repetitive motion, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation; metals and dusts such as lead, cadmium and silica. Many employers are familiar with medical and exposure records compliance. For example, many employers currently maintain such records regarding noise exposure.

Yes, 1910.1020 specifically calls out and references the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which generally requires employers to keep employee medical information confidential, and additionally notes the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) standards which do not prohibit employers from making the disclosures required by OSHA's medical access standard.

Meaning, the records must be maintained in a separate, confidential file segregated from other, unprotected data. Access to employee exposure and medical records must be limited to:

  • those who need to know about necessary work restrictions and accommodations,
  • first aid and safety personnel, and/or
  • as requested by the government.

It is important to note that compliance with HIPPA the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is not referenced 1910.1020 because HIPPA compliance only applies to health plans, healthcare providers, and healthcare clearing houses (known as 'covered entities' within the HIPPA law).

VaxSAFE has been designed to house employee medical records for storing and accessing this data in accordance with the Employee Exposure and Medical Records regulation (1910.1020), i.e., in a separate system, segregated from other data. VaxSAFE provides employers absolute control over who may access and manage this information within their organization.